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Privacy statement concerning contact activities

If you use online resources for contact request to Scetta, the personal information you enter on the website will be collected and will only use them for reasons relating to the contact and the proposed offers of our company. In order to offer a personalized online service entities, to provide information regarding opportunities to purchase and sale of Scetta and to analyze the effectiveness of our efforts and resources used for contact and sales activity will also use cookies or other tracking technologies as well as the same technologies used by us for Marketing purposes (including Customer Relationship Management (CRM – customer relationship management database), personalized emails and analysis and combination of personal data). Below or on our website you will find more information on how your data will be used by Scetta during the selection process.

Introduction/who is collecting your personal information?

When you submit application for contact, the company collects and uses your personal data in the process analysis and definition of contacts and campaigns. As described in the Privacy statement, your personal information may be stored and used by Scetta in order to evaluate the best deal for your needs, as required by law, or as otherwise described below. With reference to information about yourself that may receive from third parties, Sadana please read below.

With the term Polimatri refers to the subsidiaries, associates, affiliates & Sadana, service providers that will collect, use and retain your personal information related to your application for contact and any other process connected the sale of our products. The full list of companies Scetta broken down by nation and its contacts are at the bottom of the Privacy statement, together with the list of vendors who provide IT support services or Marketing.

What personal information is collected by Scetta?

The type of information that you are asked, how such information is collected and where it can be accessed depends on the requirements of the country to which the request relates and not by those of the country where you reside. While some specific data requirements may vary from country to country and depending on the type of service or product you have requested, the following categories of data are generally collected by Scetta:

The information you fill in contact forms, letters or other written material;
The information that is collected from people who contact you, based on what you thought or due to simple internet searches;
Data provided by marketing agencies, social networking or search sites managed by third parties, where applicable;
References provided by others in your favor;

The presentation by you of personal information constitutes your consent to use of data and your confirmation of their correctness.

By submitting your information, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the statement above and agree to the use of your data as set out above. You don’t have to provide the data requested, however no Sadana requested data may result in our being unable to answer the request for contact and delivery.

You can read this statement at any time by logging in to our site.

By submitting your information, you acknowledge that all statements made by you are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and beliefs and that you have not knowingly omitted any information relevant to the unfavourable nature.

What will Scetta with your personal information?

Scetta will use your personal information to:

Perform market analysis;
Offer you deals on our products or services;
Contact you regarding a product or service from us;
Make any notification required by law and to respond to legal action.

Who will have access to your personal information? Where are preserved?

In General, access to personal data is restricted so as to restrict to a minimum the number of people who have access to globally understood, Sadana, as they need to evaluate the contact requests, perform functions in support of our Marketing or Customer Management functions, or those which we are obliged to report them in accordance with the applicable legislation.

If your personal data is transferred to a country other than the one in which you reside, you should know that these countries may not have the same legal protection of personal data in your country of residence. In any case, internal privacy policy will follow global Scetta in such cases.

The following persons have access to your personal information:

Employees at market analysis and the definition of Marketing strategies. These people could be living in another country;
Responsible for customer contact and Customer Management.
Authorized employees of our service providers, including:
Made It SRL, established in Italy.
Government officials where there are legal presentations requirements or law enforcement or private litigants in response to valid law enforcement processes (injunction, subpoena, or court ruling );
A successor of Scetta in case this would sell or disinvestisse all or part of their shares.

How long Scetta will keep my personal information?

If you receive and accept a contact request from Scetta, the personal information collected in the period before the request will become part of your personal archives Sadana, until by explicit user request to delete them.

How to protect your personal Scetta.

Sadana uses organizational, technical and physical security measures to protect your data so that they are not lost or used inappropriately. When we use third parties who perform services on our behalf which may allow them to access your personal information, we require them by contract to implement the same security measures.

How to obtain a copy of the internal Privacy Sadana, request access to your personal information or contact us with questions or feedback.

If you have any questions, comments or complaints, you want to get a copy of Global Data Privacy Statement or Sadana 0090 — would have a copy of your personal data or to correct them if you think are incorrect, you may contact us at Every country where Scetta is present has appointed a Data Privacy Officer who oversees compliance with the local regulations on privacy; You can also use the Contact Us form to contact the Data Privacy Officer of Scetta in your country or to obtain more information on how your data will be used in your country.

List of entities of Scetta and their contact details:

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