Esoteric Naples: Mysterious Places in the city

The Neapolitan people have always had a very close connection with the world of the deceased towards which it does not nourish almost any fear and from which, instead, it draws courage and hope for the future. The cult towards the so-called Pezzentelle souls, the prayers addressed to characters connected to the history of the city and the profound respect towards the miracle of the liquefaction of the blood of San Gennaro are just some of the rites that testify this relationship.

The places considered esoteric in Naples are many among palaces, churches and squares in which also blend magic and alchemy, places that are shrouded in mystery and legend.

Chapel Sansevero

The chapel Sansevero is linked to the figure of Prince Raymond of Sangro, whose alchemic and esoteric abilities, according to the myth, are due to the realization of the veiled Christ and of the anatomical machines. It is said that he taught the sculptor of Christ, the Sanmartino, the secret of the marinization of the veil and who killed two servants to study the circulatory system by alchemic methods (even today the blood vessels are distinguishable). But at his death is linked the most striking esoteric episode: It is said that the prince had cut into pieces in order to be able to recompose in the coffin, but the family opened in advance the cashier and he, in getting up, fell back immediately with agonic screams.

Fontanelle Cemetery

The cemetery of Fontanelle is located in Forcella and is famous for the cult of the anime Pezzentelle. It is an ancient cemetery and preserves about 40000 remains of dead people during the plague of 1656 and the cholera of 1836.

Testifies to the deep bond of Neapolulans with the world of the deceased and the cult cited today still envisages the adoption of a skull (the Capuzzella) of an abandoned person (Pezzentella) in exchange for protection. These souls are considered bridges for the afterlife and a way to communicate with their dead. The skulls are always cleaned and adorned with flowers hoping that, with the prayer, the deceased appears in sleep.

The blood of St. Gennaro

San Gennaro is the main patron of the city and its relics are kept in the Duomo along with its alleged blood. This is preserved in two very old ampoules that are shown to the public only three times a year (on the Saturday preceding the first Sunday of May, on September 19 and December 16), in the days when the famous miracle should take place, that is the dissolution of Blood of the Saint.

The moment of liquefaction is fundamental for the faithful because, if it happens punctually, the city and its inhabitants will continue to be protected, while if the dissolution does not happen, it would begin to fear misfortune.

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